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Quite simply these are three movies that I have made. The film clips were unusual and created by Humboldt Graduate Film students who projected old movies onto various surfaces. The photographs are all done by myself, Nakazato LaFreniere. Audio is varied: Bach, Ruth Crawford, and Georges Aperghis. Ruth Crawford (1901-1953) was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in music composition and later became one of the United States' foremost composers as well as an important figure in American folk music as she collected, transcribed, arranged and published folk songs, Georges Aperghis was born in Athens but moved to Paris at ge 18 and became involved in music theatre founding the Atelier Theatre et Musique. He also composes chamber and orchestral music.

The movies.

Contrast, 2.6MB, Surreal

Repetition, 45.9MB, Surreal

Proximity13.6MB, Surreal

The next movie is 3 minutes and more serious in tone. I did the film as a student at Vista. A quick narration/intro to the Japanese American imprisonment in the Western states during WWII. Music by the Asian American Jazz Orchestra. The artwork came from several books, Topan Moon, Citizen 13660, and The View from Within.

Relocation, 20.8 MB, Documentary