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Bio, gallery, and links.. by Jana Evans Braziel, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

GALERIE AKINCI. gallery and bio by GabriŽlle Nederend.

Ana Mendieta.

Ana Mendieta.

Ana Mendieta.

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Bio, gallery, and links.. by Jana Evans Braziel, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Ana Mendieta Plays, papers

TropicAna. play by Diana Montanť about Ana Mendieta.


Ana Mendieta: Sculpture and Performance 1972 -1985 by Olga Viso (Hardcover). July 2004. Book description: "This major monograph, a comprehensive reconsideration of the brief life and career of Ana Mendieta, contextualizes the artist's work within its time and acknowledges her legacy on subsequent generations of artists."

Ana Mendieta by Nancy Morejon (Paperback). Libros Sin Fronteras Inventory (December 2003).

Where Is Ana Mendieta? : Identity, Performativity, and Exile by Jane Blocker, Ana Mendieta. Hardcover (May 1999) Duke Univ Press; ISBN: 0822323044. Usually ships within 2-3weeks. Also in paperback, May 1999. Reviews

Ana Mendieta by Gloria Moure. Hardcover (March 1998) Rizzoli Publications; ISBN: 8434308215 . Maybe out of print.

Ana Mendieta 1948-1985 by Ana Mendieta. (1996). Out of print.

Ana Mendieta: A Book of Works
by Bonnie Clearwater (Editor). Hardcover (November 1993) Grassfield Press; ISBN: 0962851442 .

Ana Mendieta: The "silueta" series, 1973-1980
by Mary Jane Jacob. (1991) Galerie Lelong; ISBN: B0006EX8LI.

Naked by the Window : The Fatal Marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta by Robert Katz. (April 1990) Out of print.

Ana Mendieta: Fuego de Tierra. A videotape by Kate Horsfield, Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz, and Branda Miller. 1987. 52 minutes. Color/BW, Video.

Ana Mendieta : A Retrospective by Petra Barreras Del Rio. June 1987. Out of print.

Book Reviews

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Turner, Elisa. One with the earth. Reviews the book "Ana Mendieta: a book of works". Art News, v. 93 (May '94) p. 33-4. The book reproduces 10 photo etchings, based on the photographs documenting carvings that the Cuban artist made in the limestone caves near Havana inspired by the mythology of the Tainos, whose culture was destroyed by the Sp

Bonami, Francesco, reviewer. Naked by the window, the fatal marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta by Robert Katz (book review). . Flash Art (International Edition), no156 (Jan./Feb. '91) p. 166

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O'Dell, Kathy. Ana Mendieta: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC. Artforum International, March 2005 v43 i7 p232(2)


Chris Chang. Bloodwork: mixed-media artist Ana Mendieta's retrospective gives cause for reflection. Film Comment. (Nov 1, 2004).

Heartney, Eleanor. Rediscovering Ana Mendieta: the traveling Mendieta retrospective currently at the Hirshhorn Museum comes nearly 20 years after the artist's death. At the core of the show are photographs and little-seen films documenting her ritualistic, visually searing performances. Art in America, Nov 2004 v92 i10 p138(6)

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Where Is Ana Mendieta?. Afterimage. July 2000 v28 i1 p17

David Galloway. Polemics and Poetry of Environmental Art. Essay on a show by David Galloway is an art critic and free-lance curator based in Wuppertal, Germany..

Catapano, P. Mendieta's reputation rising. Art News, Apr, 2000, V99(N4):95.


Merewether, Charles. Ana Mendieta.(Illustration)(Critical Essay) Grand Street, v17, n3 (Wntr, 1999) :40 (11 pages) .

Muller, D. AIR reclaims Mendieta (Ana Mendieta and the early years of the feminist art movement). ART IN AMERICA, OCT, 1999, V87(N10):49.

Chattopadhyay, Collette. Ana Mendieta's sphere of influence. p. 34-41 : il (pt col) Sculpture (Washington, D.C.), v. 18 no5 (June 1999) p. 34-41. Illustrations: Rupestrian series, Guanaroca (first woman); Silueta works in Mexico. The work and influence of sculptor and performance artist Ana Mendieta is is explored in an exhibition of her work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. A pioneering feminist artist during her short life, she also broke ground in culturally based categories of identity. Using the earth, she created passionate, fragile site-specific art works challenging Euro-American conceptual paradigms.

Richard, Frances. Marina Abramovic and Ana Mendieta. Artforum International, v. 37 no10 (Summer 1999) p. 155-6. Reviews "rest/energy: Marina Abramovic and Ana Mendieta," two concurrent exhibitions at the Sean Kelly Gallery and the Galerie Lelong, New York. The "artists share a view of the female body as a contained area and (im)permeable boundary, as well as an elemental vocabulary of fire, earth, breath, blood, and stone. It revisited the unstable linkage between bodily experience and creative subjectivity that gave performance art its early urgency."

Cabanas, KM. Ana Mendieta - "Pain of Cuba, body I am". WOMANS ART JOURNAL, SPR-SUM, 1999, V20(N1):12-17

Tully, Judd. Carl & Ana: ten years + one after. New Art Examiner, v. 26 no8 (May 1999) p. 70 Assesses the careers of artists Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta 11 years after Andre's acquittal on charges of Mendieta's murder.

Duncan, Michael. Tracing Mendieta. Art in America, v. 87 no4 (Apr. '99) p. 110-13+. Discusses recent exhibitions on the early 1970s performance works of Ana Mendieta revealing that the performance works foreshadowed Mendieta's "Silueta" series of 1973-77, which amalgamate elements of earth art, body art, multiculturalism, performance, and feminism. Among the exhibitions discussed is the traveling retrospective show organized by the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea in Santiago de Compostela and the Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona.

Merewether, Charles. Ana Mendieta. Grand Street. Wntr 1999 v17 i3 p40(11)



Enriquez, Mary Schneider. Ana Mendieta: Galerie Lelong. Art News, v. 97 no5 (May '98) p. 168-9. Bird transformation (illustration). Reviews Ana Mandieta’s exhibition at Galerie Lelong, New York of her early performance videos and photographs from 1972 to 1974,

Avgikos, Jan. Ana Mendieta. Artforum International, v. 36 no8 (Apr. 1998) p. 115. Reviews "Body Imprints and Transformations 1972-74," an exhibition of artwork by artist Ana Mendieta at Galerie Lelong, New York. The show features 100 photographs produced while Mendieta was a graduate student in Iowa. Although the poor quality of many of them lends a vintage 1970s air to the show, the is contemporary. "Displaying a preoccupation with monstrosity, these 1972 photographs are an important addition to a group of works that foreshadow the 1990s obsession with hybridized identity."

Joyce, Julie. Ana Mendieta. Art Issues, no52 (Mar./Apr. '98) p. 40. Untitled (glass on body imprints) (illustration). Reviews two Los Angeles exhibitions of Ana Mendieta’s artwork at Blum & Poe and at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The shows form a mini-survey of the artist's early work,

Blocker, J. Ana Mendieta and the politics of The Venus Negra. CULTURAL STUDIES, JAN, 1998, V12(N1):31-50


Princenthal, Nancy. The arrogance of pleasure. Art in America, v. 85 (Oct. '97) p. 106. Mortal coils; Native beauties; Hand heart for Ana Mendieta (illustration). A retrospective of Carolee body art at New Museum.

Rogoff, Irit. Love in the second degree. Make, the magazine of women's art, no74 (Feb./Mar. '97) p. 3-4. Discusses the media sensationalization of the death of Cuban artist Ana Mendieta in New York in 1985.

Olmo, Santiago B. Ana Mendieta. Art Nexus, no23 (Jan./Mar. '97) p. 136-7. Feathers on woman (illustration). Reviews an exhibition of works by Ana Mendieta at the Galician Center of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The wide variety of artworks range from drawings on vegetable leaves to a video presentation and slide show of her performances.


Knafo, D. In her own image: Self-representation in the art of Frida Kahlo and Ana Mendieta. ART CRITICISM, 1996, V11(N2):1-19.


Damian, Carol. "Transcending the Borders of Memory."( ARTnews, v94, n3 (March, 1995) :p. 139. Reviews an exhibtion of works by Maria Brito, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Maria Martinez-Canas, Ana Mendieta, at Norton Gallery of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida,

Herzberg, Julia P . Art Nexus, no15 (Jan./Mar. '95) p. 139-40. Reviews "Lineas," (Lines) an exhibition by Ana Mendieta at Lelong Gallery, New York. The exhibition includes body-earth works, drawings on paper and leaves, and permanent sculpture, executed between 1981 and 1984.


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Seidel, Miriam. Ana Mendieta. New Art Examiner, v. 21 (Feb. '94) p. 36. Review of a traveling exhibition at Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pa; "The Silueta series lies at the heart of Mendieta's achievement and reputation. This exhibition offered a good overview of these works, mostly created outdoors, through documentary photographs, sketchbooks and artifacts."


The body/the country: images and statements by five female artists. Heresies, v. 7 no3 (('93)) p. 43-51. Discusses artists: Marina Gutíerrez (Mut with appliances; Mut with stars , illustrations), Cecilia Vicuña, Josely Carvalho Ana Mendieta, (Rupestrian series: untitled, state II; Rupestrian series: Guanbancex; Silhueta series: Isla: illustrations)

Eauclaire, Sally, (Laura Carpenter Fine Art, Santa Fe, N.M; installation). Art News, v. 92 (Apr. '93) p. 140-1



Torruella Leval, Susana. Recapturing history: the (un)official story in contemporary Latin American art. Art Journal, v. 51 (Winter '92) p. 69-80. Article on Ana Mendieta, Ana: p. 69-80

Rauch, Heidi; Suro, Federico. Ana Mendieta's primal scream. (Cuban-born performance artist). Americas (English Edition), v44, n5 (Sept-Oct, 1992) :p. 44. Ana Mendieta was a Cuban-born performance artist who was forced to leave her homeland at age 13 due to political instability. Mendieta used her body with fire, water and earth to create passionate works.

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Goldman, Shifra M. A Return to natal earth. Artweek, v. 20 (Apr. 15 '89) p. 1, Discusses Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Illustrations: Guanbancex and Guanaroca (cov); Body tracks (rastros corporales); Figure with Gnanga; Itiba Cahubaba (old mother blood); (1 untitled)


Wooster, Ann-Sargent. Ana Mendieta: themes of death and resurrection. High Performance, v. 11 (Spring/Summer '88) p. 80-3. Illustration: Anima: alma/soul; (2 untitled) Death in art. Performance art.

Galligan, Gregory. Ana Mendieta: a retrospective. Arts Magazine, v. 62 (Apr. '88) p. 48-9. . Reviews an exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York,

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Artist found not guilty of murdering his wife. (Carl Andre; Ana Mendieta). New York Times, v137 (Fri, Feb 12, 1988) :p. 15(N)

McGill, Douglas C.. Verdict due today in death of artist. (Sculptor Carl Andre on trial for killing wife Ana Mendieta). New York Times, v137 (Thu, Feb 11, 1988) : p. B5(L).



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Brenson, Michael. Works by Ana Mendieta in a retrospective exhibition. (New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York). New York Times, v137 (Fri, Nov 27, 1987) : p. C30(L)


Tully, Judd. In homage to Ana Mendieta. New Art Examiner, v. 13 (May '86) p. 59-60. Reviews an exhibition at the Zeus-Trabia Gallery, New York.

Lippard, Lucy R. Made in the U.S.A.: art from Cuba.

Art in America, v. 74 (Apr. '86) p. 27-3+. Reviews an exhibition at the Amelie Wallace Gallery, State University of New York at Old Westbury; traveling exhibit. Ana Mendieta,, p. 33


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Ana Mendieta Websites

Arte, Religión y Diferencia Cultural. by Gerardo Mosquera. In spanish.

Ana Mendieta: Moving Experience. In spanish.

CARNE SELECTA: Ana Mendieta In spanish.

Bruguera. Work in progress y lo que nos corresponde. Ariel Ribeaux Diago es Escritor e Historiador de Arte . In portuguese.

Ana Mendieta (23 julio-13 octubre 1996). In spanish.

Las cuatro muertes de Ana Mendieta: Paradojas del performance by Esther Cimet Shoijet. In spanish.

En busca del origen: Ana Mendieta. In spanish.


Ana Mendieta. 23 xullo-13 outubro 1996. In spanish.


ANA MENDIETA 1948 - 1985. In Danish (I think).

ANA MENDIETA . In German (I think).

Ana Mendieta Articles

Bouruet-Aubertot, Véronique. Ana Mendieta: au corps de l'identité. Beaux Arts Magazine, no189 (Feb. 2000) p. 32: Silueta de cenizas (illustration)--Exhibitions. In French.

Anonymous. Ana Mendieta (1948-1985) CONNAISSANCE DES ARTS, FEB, 2000(N569) p. 14. In French

Perennes, S Ana Mendieta. OEIL-MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL D ART, FEB, 2000(N513):p. 21. In French. Art Exhibit Review

Marcadé, Bernard. Et in Mendieta ego. Art Press, no253 (Jan. 2000) p. 38-41. Artist Ana Mendieta’s art is discussed with her exhibition at the Nathalie Obadia gallery, Paris. Mendieta died in 1985 by falling from a 34th-story window. Her artwork used blood, wounds, and death with overtly poltical, sacrificial and feminine references. In 1975, she decided to devote her artwork to and within nature. In French.

Anonymous. Ana Mendieta (1948-1985). CONNAISSANCE DES ARTS, JAN, 2000(N568):p. 16. In French. Art Exhibit Review.


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