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Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy And Art by Susan Aberth (Hardcover - December 2004). Features 90 images of her work.

Leonora Carrington and Gabriel Weisz-Carrington: Pinturas y peomas and the Dark book [exhibition December 3 - December 23, 1998] by Leonora Carrington. Brewster Arts Ltd. (January 1998)

Leonora Carrington: [exhibition] November 21-December 23, 1997, by Leonora Carrington. Brewster Arts Ltd (January 1997). Out of print.

Leonora Carrington, by Leonora Carrington. Brewster Arts Ltd (January 1995). Out of print.

The Hearing Trumpet, Leonora Carrington, novel, with illus by Pablo Weisz Carrington, and Paul W. Carrington. Paperback - 240 pages. Reprint edition (September 1995) Exact Change . Sometimes goes out of stock. (Reviews). Also The hearing trumpet by Leonora Carrington, Pablo Weisz-Carrington (illustrations) San Francisco : City Lights Books, c1985. Also New York : St. Martin's Press, c1976. 158 p. : ill.

Leonora Carrington, by Leonora Carrington. Brewster Arts Ltd (January 1995). Out of print.

Leonora Carrington, The Mexican Years : 1943-1985 , by Leonora Carrington. University of New Mexico Press. May 1992.

Leonora Carrington: paintings, drawings and sculptures 1940-1990, ed Andrea Schleiker. London, Serpentine Gallery 1992

The House of Fear : Notes from Down Below, by Leonora Carrington, 1990, out of print. Also House of fear : notes from Down below, Leonora Carrington , introduction by Marina Warner ; translations by Kathrine Talbot and Marina Warner, 1988, New York : E.P. Dutton. Also Down Below, by Leonora Carrington, Debra Taub (Illustrator), Paperback, 56pp. ISBN: 0941194175, Black Swan Press, September 1982, out of print

The Seventh Horse and Other Tales, Leonora Carrington, novel, out of print. Translations by Kathrine Talbot & Anthony Kerrigan. 1st ed. New York : E.P. Dutton, c1988.

The stone door, by Leonora Carrington, novel, out of print. 1977.

Leonora Carrington, by Edward James. 1976

Leonora Carrington: A Retrospective Exhibition by Leonora Carrington, Edward James, and Ines Armor. Center for Inter-American Relations. (Paperback - 1975)

The oval lady, other stories : six surreal stories, by Leonora Carrington, illustrated by Pablo Weisz ; translated [from the Spanish] by Rochelle Holt, ; foreword by Gloria Orenstein. Santa Barbara : Capra Press, 1975. 52 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Out of print

Surrealism USA by Isabelle Dervaux (Hardcover ). "Traces the history of this movement in the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s by examining its manifestations throughout the country--from Social Surrealism and California Post-Surrealism to Magic Realism and the beginning of Abstract Expressionism. It chronicles the wide influence of Dalí on American art, the Surrealists' response to war and fascism, and the relationship between Surrealism and abstract art. (2005)

Surrealist Women : An International Anthology (The Surrealist Revolution Series) by Penelope Rosemont (Ed), Hardcover, 1998) University of Texas Press.

Mirror Images : Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation, by Whitney Chadwick (Ed), Dawn Ades (Ed), 1998, MIT Press; ISBN: 0262531577. Exhibition included Claude Cahun, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, Remedios Varo, Kay Sage, and others, .

Women, Art, and Society (World of Art), by Whitney Chadwick. Paperback (February 1997) - 448 pages 2nd Rev edition Thames & Hudson

Significant Others : Creativity & Intimate Partnership by Whitney Chadwick (Editor), Isabelle De Courtivron (Editor), Isabelle De Courtivron. Paperback, Thames and Hudson, April 1996.

Visions : Stories About Women Artists, by Leslie Sills, Art by Mary Cassatt, Betye Saar, and Leonora Carrington. For ages 9-12 but color reproductions of the artists' work. School & Library Binding - 58 pages (April 1993) Albert Whitman & Co(Reviews)

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement,by Whitney Chadwick, (this is the book that introduced Varo and Carrington to me and probably hundreds of others.). Paperback. Reprint edition, Thames and Hudson, July 1991. Also titled The Muse as Artist: Women in the Surrealist Movement by Whitney Chadwick

Alan Glass, 1971-1991 : November 14-December 28, 1991 / texts by Leonora Carrington and Roland Giguère. New York : Claude Bernard Gallery. 1991

Surrealism and Women, Caws, Mary Ann, Rudolf E. Kuenzli and Gwen Raaberg, eds., The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990. Essays of interest: Cottenet-Hage, Madeleine, ``The Body Subversive: Corporeal Imagery in Carrington, Prassinos and Mansour,'' p. 76. Colville, Georgiana M. M., ``Beauty and/Is the Beast: Animal Symbology in the Work of Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Leonor Fini,'' p. 159.

Hermeticism and Surrealism in the Visual Works of Leonora Carrington as a Model for Latin-American Symbology by Orenstein, Gloria Feman. Proceedings of the Xth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association/Actes du Xe congres de l'Association internationale de litterature comparee, New York, 1982. Vol. 1: General Problems of Literary History/ Problemes generaux de l'histoire litteraire; Vol. 2: Comparative Poetics/Poetiques Comparees; Vol. 3: Inter-American Literary Relations/Rapports litteraires inter-americains Balakian, Anna (ed. & foreword) Wilhelm, James J. (ed.) Fokkema, Douwe W. (ed.) Smith, Edward C., III (asst. to ed.) Guillen, Claudio (ed.) Escher, Peggy (asst. ed.) Valdes, M. J. (ed.) Garland, xxi, 516 + xi, 693 + x, 304 pp. PAGES: II: 565-575 (New York 1985)

Women as Mythmakers: Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth-Century Women, by Estella Lauter. Indiana University Press, Bloomington IN. ISBN 0-253-20325-2 Paperback, 267+xvii pp. Now this one I'm not sure 100% has a chapter on Leonora Carrington. It does have chapters on Remedios Varo and Leonor Fini, her contemporaries and friends in France. Paperback, Indiana Univ Press, July 1984.

Manifestations of the Occult in the Art and Literature of Leonora Carrington by Gloria Feman Orenstein. Literature and the Occult: Essays in Comparative Literature Frank, Luanne U of Texas at Arlington, 273 pp. PAGES: 216-33 (Arlington 1977)

Contemporary Authors : Biography - Carrington, Leonora (1917-) -Sketch by Nancy Pear. Publisher: Thomson Gale. 5 pages.

Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art. (Book Review) E.K. Menon. CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. July-August 2005 v42 i11-12 p1976(1)

Aberth, Susan L. Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art. (Book Review) Nadine Dalton Speidel. Library Journal. April 15, 2005 v130 i7 p82(1) (222 words)

Carroll, Rachel."Something to see": spectacle and savagery in Leonora Carrington's fiction. Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, v39, n2 (Wntr, 1998) :154 (13 pages).

Refiguring the Sacred: Surreal Theater as the Space of Alterity in the Works of Leonora Carrington, Djuna Barnes, Angela Carter, and Audre Lorde.by Guthrie, M. Catherine. Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences (DAIA), Ann Arbor, MI, ISSUE: vol. 58 no. 8 PAGES: 3127 (1998 Feb). Degree Granting Institution: Washington State University.

Leonora Carrington. Grimberg, Salomón. p. 62-5 : bibl f il (pt col). Art Nexus, no26 (Oct./Dec. '97) p. 62-5. Illustration: St. John's mule; Samain; Cockrow. Examines Leonora Carrington's work. In Mexico, Carrington discovered an affinity between herself and a people attuned to magic, superstition, the evil eye, psychic cleansing, and the relationship between the visible and invisible worlds.

Art and the conditions of exile by Linda Nochlin, Poetics Today, Fall'96, v17, n3, p317(21pgs)

The bestial fictions of Leonora Carrington, by Annette Shandler Levitt. (Special Issue on the Multicultural Short Story in the Americas and the Third World). Journal of Modern Literature, v20, n1 (Summer, 1996) p.65 (10 pages). Discusses Carrington's stories, such as 'The Debutante' and 'The Seventh Horse,' featuring a sense of Surrealism, subtle black humor and rebellion

Leonora Carrington's Mexican vision and the European circle of Surrealists active in Mexico. Kunny, Clare. p. 166-79 : bibl f il (pt col) pors.. Museum Studies, v. 22 no2 ('96) p. 166-79. il: The Inn of the Dawn Horse; The temptation of Saint Anthony; Juan Soriano de Lacandón (2); El mundo mágico de los Mayas. Discusses Carrington's work mixing the Mexico's magical naturalism and her Surrealist roots. Also discusses the eventual dissolution of barriers between the Mexican and European artistic communities in Mexico including Carrington's eventual total immersion in Mexico.

The Semiotics of Laughter by Ib Johansen in Barker-Stephen (ed. and introd.). Signs of Change: Premodern, Modern, Postmodern. Albany, NY : State U of New York P, 1996. xx, 440 pp.

Leonora Carrington: like a messenger. De los Monteros Espinosa, Santiago. p. 80-2 : col il.. Art Nexus, no18 (Oct./Dec. '95) p. 80-2. illustrations: The lovers; Ab eo, quod; The last fish; And then we saw the daughter of the Minotaur!, Reviews Leonora Carrington's 1994 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico.

The Martyred Muse: Silencing the Female Creator in Breton's Nadja by Ilona Chessid, Synthesis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Knoxville, TN (SynthesisIJ). 1995 Fall, 1:2, 119-32

Leonora Carrington. Enriquez, Mary Schneider. p. 146.. Art News, v. 94. Mar. 1995. p. 146. illustration: Temple of the word. Review. Leonora Carrington's 1994 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico.

Alchemy in exile: The alchemical kitchen in the work of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo by Kelly Wacker. (ONU monograph) Ohio Northern University. (January 1995)

Voyages of discovery: Leonora Carrington's magical prose, by Debora B. Gaensbauer, Women's Studies, July '94, v23, n3, 271(14pgs). Review. Analyzing her works in terms of personal history, changes in Europe and a feminist perspective."

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Carrington: Another Look at Bloomsbury by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina. Dissertation Abstracts International, Ann Arbor, MI (DAI). 1984 Dec., 45:6, 1758A-1759A. Leonora Carrington letters, diary and relationship to Bloomsbury Group. dissertation abstract.

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Leonora Carrington and Olga Neuwirth - 'Bahlamms Fest', a music drama in 13 scenes, music written by Olga Neuwirth, libretto by Elfriede Jelinek based on Leonora Carrington's novel by Gruber, GW. Osterreichische Musik Zeitschrift, 1999, V54(N5):11-17. In German.

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Sources: U.S. Library of Congress, Amazon Books, Barnes and Nobles, various other sources.

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