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Galerie Minsky --Permanent Exhibition, catalog

Leonor Fini at Weinstein Gallery --Web gallery of Fini art and her contemporaries: Stella Snead, Anne Bachelier, Leonora Carrington

Leonor Fini at CFM Gallery --Has a short bio at the top but if you scroll down to the bottom, there are many examples of Fini's art by art medium: oils, watercolors, drawings, graphics, and books. CFM also features other Surreal and Symbolist artists including Anne Bachelier, S. Dali, M. Parkes and others.

Dolce Vita Delights-English-. She also talks about Panda Gielen's first impression of Leonor Fini.
A gallery of images of art by Fini. Site by Dolce Vita.

Leonor Fini . Short bio by Spaightwood Galleries. They have several images under the bio. They also have other images under bios on page Fini2, Fini3, Fini4, Fini5, and Fini6

Leonor Fini: images, bios, list of exhibitions.

Lenin Imports. gallery of images . also a page especially on her cats artwork

Ro Gallery. gallery of images .

An image of the painting Red Vision by Leonor Fini.

Art 318 Study Prints: Part III . Web gallery on Leonor Fini.

Leonor Fini Lithography. Lithographs and etchings by Leonor fini

Fine Art 308 Slide Studying Page.Web gallery of surrealist images including a few by Leonor Fini.

Surrealism unbound--Guardian Unlimited reproduction of Leonor Fini's The ends of the earth, 1949. Part of a slide show type presentation of surrealist art in the Tate Museum show.

Leonor Fini. Presence Sans Issue, one painting by Fini in color

French Relic. Posters for sale including two by leonor fini. Must by a minimum of 10-12.

InterArt: Leonor Fini. one image by Fini in B&W

Le Livre de Leonor Fini: Self Portrait and Autobiography by Renée Riese Hubert, University of California, Irvine. A paper on Fini and her writings as well as featuring several of her images.

Galerie Minsky. Short bio, images

Lenin Imports. Short bio, images

Leonor Fini at Weinstein Gallery --Nice biography. They also have a very nice catalog with many reproductions from a Fini exhibition for $25. Contact them for availability and shipping costs. The exhibiton catalog includes an essay by Whitney Chadwick on women and the surrealist movement and an essay by Raman Frey on Rewriting Surrealism

Leonor Fini --A short piece on Leonor Fini taken from Julie Byrd's paper Les Femmes Surrealists. Includes two b&w reproductions of her paintings.

Leonor Fini . Short bio by Spaightwood Galleries. Also many images

Karla Huebner's Bibliography: Surrealists--Has a section on Leonor Fini.


Origin of Pauline Reage/Dominique Aury's Story of O (Histoire d'O)?--The origins of O. Ascribes a character wearing an owl mask in the story to Leonor Fini. Short essay on Leonor Fini.

Leonor Fini--Short bio and one image of the The Spirits

Leonor Fini. Short bio, 1 image

Galerie Minsky --Site officiel de leonor Fini.Peintures, Dessins, Aquarelles, Theatre, Edition, Biographie, Vente en ligne

Leonor Fini --Biographie, Huiles, Aquarelles, Dessins, Lithographies. Text and images. The Beatles music in the background seems sadly inappropriate.

Leonor Fini. Web gallery on Leonor Fini. In English and French by a friend of Fini and her secretary Rafael Martinez.

Location d'oeuvre d'art Art Actuel. Images by various artists. Look under "L" for Leonor Fini images

E-sappho. Leonor Fini, Posté le by superadmin

le Temps - Salon du Livre - Machines du salon. Des chats et des notes aigrelettes. A short article on a Fini exhibiton towards the bottom of the page.

Dolce Vita Delights - boekenkast - Leonor Fini 1 Text and images

Nachricten Morbide Sinnlichkeit - Grosse Einzelausstellung am Salon du Livre zu Leonor Fini

Suchergebnis Images by Leonor Fini after you do a search for her name. inhalt chronology of Leonor Fini's life.

Japanese (Nihongo)
Leonor Fini Text in Japanese. Your browser needs to be able to see Japanese kanji.

Equinoxio Web gallery of images

Colección FEMSA Biographia, Image: "La Guardiana del huevo negro"

Maria Felix Pagina Oficial Two images by Leonor Fini.





Other Stuff

Leonor Fini, by Leonor Fini., Richard Overstreet. Hardcover. Publisher: Favre. 2001. French.

Leonor Fini, by Esther Seldson. November 1998. Parkstone Press.

Leonor Fini, by Leonor Fini. Hardcover. Publisher: Galerie Dionne. 1997. French. Out of Print.

Leonor Fini: La vie ideíale, by Neil P Zuckerman. Publisher: Publisher: CFM Gallery. 1997.A catalog of the retrospective held at the gallery and a series of anecdotes about Leonor. Out of Print.

Leonor Fini, ou, Les metamorphoses d'une Ouvre , by Jocelyne Godard. 1996. French. Out of print.

Chats d'Atelier by Leonor Fini. Publisher: Michéle Trinckvel, 1994. Monograph. Out of Print.

Leonor Fini : Kunsthaus Dr. Hans Hartl , by Leonor Fini. 1993. German. Out of print.

Leonor Fini: The Fine Artist as Designer, by Neil Zuker. 1992. CFM Gallery.

Surrealism and Womenby Mary Ann Caws, Rudolf E. Kuenzli and Gwen Raaberg, eds., The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1990. Includes "Beauty and/Is the Beast: Animal Symbology in the Work of Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Leonor Fini,'' p. 159.

Parcours dans l'Oeuvre de Leonor Fini by Tiziana Villano. Publisher: Michele Trinckvel, l989.Out of print.

Propos sur l'art: [entretiens avec] Victor Brauner, Carlo Carrà, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Léonor Fini, by Edouard Roditi. 1987. French. Out of print.

Leonor Fini by Leonor Fini. Publisher: Michéle Trinckvel. 1986.

Leonor Fini, ou, Le théâtre de l'imaginaire : mythes et symboles de l'univers finien , by Pierre Borgue. Publisher: Lettres modernes. 1983. French. Out of print.

Leonor Fini: Comune di Ferrara, Galleria civica d'arte moderna, Palazzo dei diamanti, 2 luglio-30 settembre 1983 by Leonor Fini. Publisher: Edizioni d'arte. 1983. Out of Print.

Leonor Fini, by Leonor Fini with Jacques Audiberti. Publisher: Hervas. 1981. French. Out of print.

Rogomelec , by Leonor Fini. 1979. French. Out of print.

L'oneiropompe , by Leonor Fini. 1978. French. Out of print.

Interview With the Muse: Remarkable Women Speak on Creativity and Power, by Nina Winter. Publisher: Moon Books. 1979. Chapter called "Leonor Fini". Out of print.

Leonor Fini: oeuvre peint by Lenor Fini. Publisher: Éditions Frédéric Birr. 1978. Out of Print.

Fêtes secrétes: Dessins by Leonor Fini, Jean-Claude Dedieu. Publisher: Éditions du Regard. 1978. Out of Print.

Mourmour: Conte pour enfants velus By Leonor Fini. Éditions de la Différence.1976

Leonor Fini : d. grosse Bilderbuch , by Leonor Fini. Publisher: Publisher: Desch1975. German and French. Out of print.

Le Livre De Leonor Fini. Peintures, Dessins, Ecrits, Notes De Leonor Fini. by Leonor Fini, Jose Alvarez. Publisher: Clairefontaine,. French. 1975. Out of Print.

Leonor Fini, by Xaviáere Gauthier. 1973. Publisher: Le Musée de Poche. French. Reprinted 1979. Out of print.

Leonor Fini, by Leonor Fini. Publisher: Olympia Press. 1972. Out of Print.

Léonor Fini Graphique by Jean-Paul Guibbert.. Publisher: Clarefontaine, Lausanne, 1971. Also 1976. Out of Print

Leonor Fini by Jelenski, Constantin. Publisher: La Guilde Du Livre et Clairefontaine. 1968. Reprint in 1972. Out of print.

Leonor Fini by Jelenski, Constantin. Publisher: The Olympia Press. 1968. Out of print.

Le Visiteur Royal (Includes Bourgmestre Hoeck Et Sa Femme; Jeune Amour; Ours; Visiteur Royal. ) by Pontoppidan, Henrik. Illustrations By Leonor Fini. French. Text translated by Marguerite Gay & Ulla Morvan 1961. Reprint in 1968.Out of print.

Leonor Fini Et Son Oeuvre. by Brion, Marcel. Publisher: Jean-Jacques Pauvert,1955

Masques de Leonor Fini by Andre Pierre de Mandiargues. Publisher: La Parade/André Bonne. 1951. Out of Print.

Lettre à Léonor Fini by Jean Genet. Publisher: Loyau. 1950.

Snyder, Nell Kennedy. Responding to Surrealism: the identity of women in the works of Meret Oppenheim, Claude Cahun, and Leonor Fini. Thesis. Colorado: Colorado College Dept. of Art History. 2000.

DufrÍne, Thierry. Die Ethik der Kunst. Kunstforum International, no139 (Dec. '97/Mar. '98) p. 170-5. Published inWest Germany. Part of a special section on art and literature. Jean Genet wrote on the art of Rembrandt, LÈonor Fini and Alberto Giacometti during a period of doubt and deep depression. His articles built an "art of poetry", developed Genet's creative powers, and built the structure for his ethics of art.

Pythoud, Laurence. Elle infiniment. L'Oeil. no446 (Nov. '92) p. 68-71. Galerie Dionne, Paris; exhibit. Illus: Le choix du silence; Volens, Nolens; Les passagers; L'ami de la famille.

SaurÈ, Wolfgang. Die phantastische und lyrische Malerei von Leonor Fini. Die Kunst p. 496-501 . no6 (June '87). Illus: Dimanche aprËs-midi; La grange bateliËre; La gardienne al'oeuf rouge; Visage (2); Avant de s'endormir; Le sement noir; MÈmoire de fragments passÈs

Webb, Peter, 1941- Leonor Fini retrospective. The Burlington Magazine/ MusÈe de Luxembourg, Paris; exhibit. v. 128 (Sept. '86) p. 699-700. Article on Leonor Fini. Illus:Timpe, timpe, timpe, tare; Le bout du monde; La gardienne ý l'oeuf rouge.

Styles-McLeod, Catherine. Architectural Digest visits: Leonor Fini. Architectural Digest. apartment, Paris, and country house, Loire. v. 43 (Mar. '86) p. 156-63+. Leonor Rini, a Surrealist painter, book illustrator, theater designer, and writer, lives in a Parisian apartment with her cats and Art Nouveau objects. She summers at a Saint-DyÈ-sur-Loire former inn. Born in Buenos Aires in 1908, she associated with Surrealists and moved to Paris after WWII. "Death, carnality, youth, and experience are pervasive themes in her work. The sphinx is a recurrent image." Leonor designed sets and costumes for ballets, plays, and films and illustrated books by Balzac, Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, Verlaine, and Shakespeare.


Robinsob, W. FINI,LEONOR - OBITUARY. ART IN AMERICA, MAR, 1996, V84(N3):126-126.



Riding, Alan. Leonor Fini, 87, set designer and a painter of the fantastic.(Obituary). New York Times, v145 (Fri, Jan 26, 1996) :B16(N), B9(L) pages., col 5

Antle, Martine. Picto--théatralité dans les toiles de Leonor Fini. The French Review: Journal of the American Association of Teachers of French (FR), Carbondale, IL, vol. 62 no. 4 PAGES: 640-649 (1989 Mar.). article.

Styles-McLeod, Catherine. ³Architectural Digest Visits: Leonor Fini,² Architectural Digest 43 (March 1986), 156­163, 210.

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Lauter, Estella. ³Leonor Fini: Preparing to Meet the Strangers of the New World,² Woman¹s Art Journal 1, no. 1 (Spring­Summer 1980), 44­49.

Gaggi, Silvio. "Leonor Fini: A Mythology of the Feminine," Art International, 23 (September 1979), 34-8,49

Frechtman, Bernard,(trans.) "Mademoiselle: A Letter to Leonor Fini," Nimbus, 3 (1955), 37

Video on Leonor Fini The Belgian film director Chris Vermorcken has created a loving portrait that places what Fini loves side by side with what she paints. The film takes us into Fini's home,where we meet the 19 cats who share her life and who constantly turn up in her paintings.We also view a number of her canvases, which together offer a tribute to the exotic and the erotic. 86 mins. On the Facets Multimedia site. Do a search on Leonor Fini. $39.95. Last I checked it was out of stock but it doesn't hurt to check. Doesn't state if it is in English or another language.

Remedios Varo
Leonora Carrington
Ana Mendieta
Francesca Woodman
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