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Surrealist Artists

Through Whitney Chadwicks work on women artists who moved within the surrealist milieu, I discovered a whole group putting out an amazing body of work. This bookstore is my way of paying them their due respect.

Remedios Varo               Leonora Carrington          Kay Sage           
Meret Oppenheim             Dorothea Tanning            Michiko Kon        
Ana Mendieta                Francesca Woodman           Dora Maar        
Surrealist Artists(more than one featured)

Remedios Varo

Unexpected Journey: the Art and life of Remedios Varo, in paperback newly released, by Janet Kaplan.

It's a great biography on Remedios Varo with many color plates. Rebellious, independent, creative. She lived by her own creed and lived her art. Well-written. Hardcover, 286 pages. Sept. 1988., Softcover, 288 pages, February 2000. Abbeville Press, Inc. Note: currently the hardcover is out of print but the softcover/paperback has just been released and is available.

Remedios Varo 1908-1963, c1994 Museo De Arte Moderno, Mexico City (book for the 1994 exhibit in Mexico City) Spanish and English. Unfortunately Amazon books doesn't have this one. It is the catalog for her retrospective at the Mexican Museum of Art. Great color plates. It's hard to find but you might try gallery stores.


Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington : The Mexican Years : 1943-1985 - Leonora Carrington; A retrospective of her works. Great color plates. 1992. University of New Mexico Press.

Visions : Stories About Women Artists (Mary Cassatt, Betye Saar, Leonora Carrington), by Leslie Sills. For kids 9 - 12. A short bio about each artist and color reproductions of their work. A few paintings by Leonora Carrington that I hadn't seen in other books. 58 pgs, 1993, Albert Whitman & Company.

The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington, Pablo Weisz Carrington (Illustrator). A hilarious magical novel by Leonora Carrington. It ships between the genre categories: humor, social satire, fantasy, science fiction, mythology, and female bonding and creates a niche that belongs uniquely to itself. I couldn't put it down and it was a really fast read. Paperback, 240 pgs. Reprint edition. Currently out of print

Kay Sage

A House of Her Own : Kay Sage, Solitary Surrealist by Judith D. Suther. Hardcover, 376 pgs. November 1997. University of Nebraska Press.

Dora Maar

Picasso's Weeping Woman : The Life and Art of Dora Maar by Mary Ann Caws. October 2000.

Picasso and Dora : A Personal Memoir, by James Lord. Paperback, 340pgs. Hardback also available.

Meret Oppenheim

Meret Oppenheim: From Breakfast in Fur and Back Again/Die Pelztasse War Nur Der Anfang by Meret Oppenheim, Thomas Levy, et al. Just published: March 2004. "Her greater oeuvre has often been subsumed by the dominance of the ubiquitous fur cup, a situation which this publication aims to remedy, presenting a career-spanning selection of witty drawings, paintings, objects, collages, poems, and designs for "applied artworks"--fantastic clothes, jewelry, and furniture. Shortly before her death, Oppenheim and editor Thomas Levy developed the idea of realizing some of her applied artworks; those that were made to appear here through photo documentation. Also included are scholarly essays, an exhibition list, a bibliography, and a filmography."

Meret Oppenheim : A Different Retrospective by Meret Oppenheim, Christoph Eggenberger (Introduction), Jaqueline Burckhardt, Paperback, 236 pages, October 1998, Edition Stemmle.

Louise Bourgeois/Meret Oppenheim/Ilse Weber by Stephen Kunz, Louise Bourgeois, Meret Oppenheim, Ilse Weber, Stephan Kunz, Paperback, 88 pages, April 2000, Verlag De Buchhandlung Walter. Currently back ordered.

Meret Oppenheim : Beyond the Teacup by Meret Oppenheim, Jacqueline Burckhardt, Bice Curiger, Helfenstein, Jacqueline Burkhardt, Nancy Spector, Thomas McEvilley. Paperback, 176 pgs, June 1997. Independent Curators Inc. Also available in hardback. Hardcover Paperback ships in 3-5 weeks.

Meret Oppenheim : Book of Ideas : Early Drawings and Sketches for Fashions, Jewelry, and Designs, by Meret Oppenheim, Christiane Meyer-Thoss, Heinrich Helfenstien (Photographer). Hardcover, Distributed Art Pub (Dap), September 1996.

Meret Oppenheim : Defiance in the Face of Freedom, by Bice Curiger, Hardcover, 275 pgs, Parkett Publishers, February 1990.

Michiko Kon (photographer)

Michiko Kon : Still Lifes by Michiko Kon(Photographer), et al, Hardcover, Aperture, September 1997, 128 pgs. . Paperback, May 1999,

Kon Box by Michiko Kon, Paperback, Boxed edition, 1996, Nazraeli Press; ISBN: 3923922477. Out of print.

Dorothea Tanning

Chasm: A Weekend by Dorothea Tanning. It's a novel writtem by Tanning at age 94.

A Table of Content : Poems by Dorothea Tanning.

Between Lives: An Artist and Her World by Dorothea Tanning. "The life and times of one of our most enchanting artists; a twentieth-century fairy tale, lovingly remembered and luminously told. Fourteen years ago, the artist Dorothea Tanning published Birthday, a collection of reminiscences. Now she has expanded it into a memoir of her journey through the last century as confidant, collaborator, and muse to some of its most inspired minds and personalities: a diverse assemblage that ranges from the fathers of dada and surrealism to Virgil Thompson, George Balanchine, Alberto Giacometti, Dylan Thomas, Truman Capote, Joan Miró, James Merrill, and many more. At its center is the relationship, tenderly rendered, between Tanning and her famed husband, the enigmatic surrealist Max Ernst. " Anthony Hecht writes on the back cover "In buoyant and electric prose, laced with wit and leavened with ungrudging generosity, Dorothea Tanning has given us in this memoir a brilliant account of the fizz and panache of a truly remarkable life: Stravinsky provides her wedding champagne; at a Paris soirée, André Malraux upstages Orson Welles; J. Robert Oppenheimer turns up at Les Deux Magots; and the gentle and enigmatic surrealist Max Ernst, Ms. Tanning's husband, is the presiding spirit. This is a sustained success of recuperative magic."

Dorothea Tanning by Dorothea Tanning, Jean Christophe Bailly, Robert C. Morgan (Translator), Richard Howard. Hardcover, G. Braziller Inc., August 1995.

Another Language of Flowers by Dorothea Tanning, James Ingram Merrill. Hardcover. (January 1999 George Braziller Inc.; ISBN: 0807614483.

Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta: A Book of Works by Bonnie Clearwater (Editor). Hardcover (November 1993) Grassfield Press.

Where Is Ana Mendieta? : Identity, Performativity, and Exile by Jane Blocker, Ana Mendieta. Hardcover (May 1999) Duke Univ Press; ISBN: 0822323044. Also in paperback, May 1999, which Reviews

Ana Mendieta by Gloria Moure. Hardcover (March 1998) Rizzoli Publications; ISBN: 8434308215 . Maybe out of stock.
Ana Mendieta 1948-1985 by Ana Mendieta. Out of print.
Ana Mendieta : A Retrospective by Petra Barreras Del Rio. Out of print.
Naked by the Window : The Fatal Marriage of Carl Andre and Ana Mendieta by Robert Katz. Out of print.

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman by Francesca Woodman (Photographer), Philippe Sollers, David Levi Strauss, eli Janus, Phillipe Sollers, David Levi-Strauss. Hardcover ((November 1998) Scalo Verlag Ac; ISBN: 3931141969.

Francesca Woodman by Francesca Woodman. Paperback version of the hardcover above. Out of print.
Francesca Woodman : Photography. by Harm Lux. Trade Paperback, 112 Pages, Distributed Art Publishers/D. A. P., April 1994. Out of print.

Francesca Woodman : Photographic Works by Francesca Woodman, Harm Lux, Philip Ursprung, Hans J. Rindisbacher. Publisher: Shedhalle Zurich. Paperback. January 1993 Bilingual. Out of print.
Francesca Woodman : Photographic Work by Ann Gabhart, Rosalind Krauss. 64 Pages, University of Pennsylvania Press, Paperback. January 1986.Out of print.

Surrealist Artists

Surrealist Women : An International Anthology (The Surrealist Revolution Series) by Penelope Rosemont (Ed), Hardcover, 1998, Univ of Texas Pr; ISBN: 0292770871.

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement by Whitney Chadwick. This is a great book. Loaded with color and black and white plates and covers the work and personalities of a unique group of women artists over several decades. Paperback Reprint edition, Thames and Hudson, July 1991.

Magnifying Mirrors : Women, Surrealism, & Partnership by Renee Riese Hubert. Hardcover, 409 pgs, University of Nebraska Press, April 1994.

Mirror Images : Women, Surrealism, and Self-Representation by Whitney Chadwick (Ed), Dawn Ades (Ed). From the synopsis on the Amazon site "The self-images of Claude Cahun, Dorothea Tanning, Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, Remedios Varo, Kay Sage, and others both internalize and challenge conventions for representing femininity, the female body, and female subjectivity...This book, which accompanies an exhibition organized by the MIT List Visual Arts Center, explores specific aspects of the relationship between historic and contemporary work in the context of Surrealism." Paperback, 258 pgs, MIT Press (Trd). May 1998.

Surrealism and Women by Mary Ann Caws, Rudolf Kuezli, Gwen Raaberg, Rudolf Kuenzli. A chapter on Leonora Carrington. Another essary on Remedios Varo, Carrington and Leonor Fini. Paperback, 240 pgs, MIT Press (Trd), April 1991.

Women, Art, and Society (World of Art) by Whitney Chadwick. It covers a wide timeline but includes a chapter on the Surrealists. Paperback, 448 pgs, 2nd Rev edition, Thames & Hudson, February 1997.

Significant Others : Creativity & Intimate Partnership by Whitney Chadwick (Editor), Isabelle De Courtivron (Editor), Isabelle De Courtivron. Paperback, Thames and Hudson, April 1996.

Women As Mythmakers : Poetry and Visual Art by Twentieth Century Women by Estella Lauter. A chapter on Remedios Varo and a chapter on Leonor Fini. Paperback, Indiana Univ Press, July 1984.

Bachelors by Rosalind E. Krauss. Hardcover - 232 pages (March 1999). Hardcover - 232 pages (March 1999) MIT Press. Art Times, April 1999 "A provocative and astute analysis of the works of nine women artists, Bachelors redefines some old ideas about surrealist art while offering some innovative parameters on feminist art." includes Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, Sherrie Levine, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Claude Cahun, Dora Maar, Louise Lawler, Francesca Woodman

Automatic Woman : The Representation of Woman in Surrealism by Katharine Conley. Hardcover (January 1997), Univ of Nebraska Pr.

The Genres and Genders of Surrealism by Annette S. Levitt . Hardcover - 256 pages (December 1999), St Martins Press.

Women in Dada : Essays on Sex, Gender, and Identity by Naomi Sawelson-Gorse (Editor) . Hardcover - 448 pages (February 1999), MIT Press.

The Beribboned Bomb : The Image of Woman in Male Surrealist Art by Robert Belton . Paperback (February 1995), University of Calgary Press;.

The Art of Reflection : Women Artists' Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Centuryby Marsha Meskimmon . Paperback (October 1996), Columbia University Press;. Explores 20th century female artists' self-portraiture with 43 black and white illustrations of works by Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, Alice Neel, Cindy Sherman, Jo Spence, Susan Hiller, and others.

Seeing Ourselves : Women's Self-Portraitsby Frances Borzello. Hardcover (March 1998),Harry N Abrams Inc. Traces women's self-portraits over 800 years, integrating art, social history, many women artists' biographies, and a broad selection of their art.

Photography and Surrealism: Sexuality, Colonialism and Social Dissent by David Bate. The book is new so I can';t find any reviews on it. I haven't seen it either but have to assume it must have some of Lee Miller's photographs in it. I will try to confirm it one way or another. Publisher's synopsis: "This challenging re-evaluation of the status and use of photographic images in historical Surrealism puts Surrealism's fundamental issues back into the framework of its historical purpose and function. David Bate examines automatism and the photographic image, the Surrealist passion for insanity, ambivalent use of Orientalism, use of Sadean philosophy and the effect of fascism of the Surrealists. The book is illustrated wtih a wide range of surrealist photographs." Hardcover: 240 pages; I. B. Tauris & Company; (March 1, 2004)