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Sebastiao Salgado     Robert Frank     Gary Winogrand      Henri Cartier-Bresson     

Mary Ellen Mark     W. Eugene Smith     Bruce Davidson     Diane Arbus     

Dorothea Lange     Helen Levitt

Various Photographers:  Robert Capa, Lee Friedlander, Walker Evans, 
            Eugene Richards,  Howard Chapnick and more

Sebastiao Salgado

Migrations : Humanity in Transition by Sebastiao Salgado Hardcover - 432 pages (April 2000) Aperture. Usually ships within 24 hours.

The Children : Refugees and Migrantsby Sebastiao Salgado, Lelia Wanick Salgado (Editor). Hardcover - 112 pages (April 2000) Aperture. Usually ships within 24 hours.

CHINA: 50 Years Inside the People's Republic by Rae Yang, Sebastiao Salgado (Photographer), Hiroji Kubota (Photographer). Hardcover - 228 pages (September 1999) Aperture. Usually ships within 24 hours.

Terra : Struggle of the Landless by Sebastiao Salgado (Photographer). Paperback - 144 pages (April 1998) Phaidon Press Inc. Usually ships within 24 hours. Also in hardcover (May 1997). Usually ships within 24 hours.

An Uncertain Grace : Essays by Eduardo Galeano and Fred Ritchin by Sebastiao Salgado (Photographer), Eduardo Galeano, Fred Ritchin. Paperback - Rep edition (October 1997). October 1997) Aperture. Usually ships within 24 hours.

This Critical Mirror by Stephen Mayes (Editor), Sebastiao Salgado, Richard Avedon (Introduction). Paperback - 225 pages (January 1996). Thames & Hudson. Usually ships within 24 hours.

Workers : An Archaeology of the Industrial Ageby Sebastiao Salgado. Paperback - 399 pages (January 1997). Aperture. Usually ships within 2-3 days.Also in hardcover (October 1993). Usually ships within 24 hours.

Robert Frank

The Americans by Robert Frank, Jack Kerouac

Flamingo by Robert Frank, Lars Hall, Gunilla Knape, Hasselblad Center. Hardcover - 52 pages 2 Ed edition (November 1997)

Robert Frank : Moving Out by Robert Frank, Sarah Greenough, Philip Brookman, Martin Gasser . Hardcover - 320 pages (October 1994)

Gary Winogrand

The Man in the Crowd : The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand by Garry Winogrand (Photographer), Fran Lebowitz (Introduction), Ben Lifson (Editor), Garry Winograd

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Europeansby Henri Cartier-Bresson, Henri Carter-Bresson, Jean Clair. Hardcover - 232 pages (May 1998) Also in Paperback - 95 pages Reissue edition Vol 002 (September 1987)

The Mind's Eye : Writings on Photography and Photographers by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Paperback - 100 pages (January 1999) te Neues Publishing Company.

Tete a Tete : Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson by Henri Cartier-Bresson, E. H. Gombrich (Introduction). Hardcover - 144 pages (September 1998) Little Brown & Company.

Henri Cartier-Bresson : Mexican Notebooks 1934-1964 by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer), Carlos Fuentes (Introduction), Michelle Beaver (Translator). Hardcover - 81 pages (April 1996) Thames & Hudson

Mary Ellen Mark

A Cry for Help : Stories of Homelessness and Hopeby Mary Ellen Mark (Photographer). Paperback (May 1996) Touchstone Books.

Mary Ellen Mark : American Odyssey, 1963-1999 by Mary Ellen Mark (Photographer). Hardcover - 176 pages (October 1999)

Mary Ellen Mark : 25 Years by Marianne Fulton. Paperback (October 1992) Bulfinch Press.

Portraits by Mary E. Mark (Photographer), Mary Panzer. Hardcover - 64 pages (September 1997) Smithsonian Institution Press.

The Photo Essayby Mary Ellen Mark (Photographer), Constance Sullivan (Editor). Paperback - 64 pages 1 Ed edition (September 1990) Smithsonian Institution Press.

Bruce Davidson

Brooklyn Gang : Summer 1959 Bruce Davidson. Hardcover - 96 pages (November 1998), Twin Palms Publications.

Portraits Bruce Davidson. Hardcover - 80 pages (June 1999). Aperture.

Central Park by Bruce Davidson (Photographer), Marie Winn (Contributor). Hardcover - 80 pages (December 1995). Aperture. Usually ships within 24 hours.

W. Eugene Smith

Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project, 1955-1958 by W. Eugene Smith (Editor), Sam Stephenson (Editor), Carnegie mus (October 2001) Hardcover: 176 pages. W.W. Norton & Company

W. Eugene Smith : Photographs 1934-1975 by W. Eugene Smith (Photographer), John T. Hill (Editor), Gabriel Beauret (Editor) . Hardcover - 352 pages (October 1998)

Let Truth Be the Prejudice : W. Eugene Smith His Life and Photographs by Eugene W. Smith, Ben Maddow, W. Eugene Smith. Hardcover - 240 pages (September 1998) Aperture.

W. Eugene Smith (Aperture Masters of Photography) by W. Eugene Smith, Jim Hughes. Hardcover (May 1999) Aperture.

Minamata by W. Eugene, Aileen M. Smith. Paperback (May 1981) Center Creative Photography.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus : An Aperture Monograph by Diane Arbus, Stan Grossfeld. Paperback - 184 pages 25th anniv edition (April 1997) Aperture.

Untitled by Diane Arbus (Photographer), Doon Arbus (Photographer), Yolanda Cuomo. Hardcover (September 1995) Aperture.

Diane Arbus : A Biography by Patricia Bosworth. Paperback Reprint edition (February 1995) W W Norton & Co.

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange : Photographs of a Lifetime by Dorothea Lange (Photographer), Robert Coles (Contributor), Therese Heyman (Photographer). Hardcover (February 1996) Aperture. Also in paperback.Paperback - 182 pages (December 1998) Aperture.

Restless Spirit : The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange by Elizabeth Partridge, Dorothea Lange. Hardcover - 128 pages (October 1998) Viking Childrens Books.

Dorothea Lange : American Photographs by Therese Thau Heyman (Contributor), Sandra S. Phillips, John Szarkowski (Contributor). Paperback - 192 pages (June 1994) Chronicle Books.

The Photographs of Dorothea Lange by Therese Thau Heyman (Contributor), Sandra S. Phillips, John Szarkowski (Contributor). Paperback - 192 pages (June 1994) Chronicle Books.

Helen Levitt

Crosstown by Helen Levitt (Photographer), Francine Prose (Introduction). Since the mid-1930s, Helen Levitt has photographed life on the streets of New York, capturing the pulse of the city at moments when sidewalk life becomes an urban portrait. Crosstown is the most comprehensive monograph devoted to this master photographer. In pioneering pictures of 1930s and 1940s Harlem, an innovative color series completed in 1960, and black-and-white images from the 1980s and 1990s, the book reveals the changes in New York street culture as well as the evolution of Levittıs photographic eye. Hardcover (October 2001) 192 pages. powerHouse Books.

Helen Levitt: Mexico City by Helen Levitt (Photographer), James Ole. "American photographer Helen Levitt--renowned for her honest, compelling shots of early industrial New York City--spent a good part of 1941 photographing Mexico City. The slices of life depicted in this collection of her work present a vision of a city becoming. Levitt focuses her acutely urban sensibilities on a city whose increased industrialization after World War Two brought tremendous social and economic change. Factories in central urban areas required people to leave rural homes for regular work and promises of "progress." Levitt's photographs frankly depict the juxtaposed traditions of rural life and industry for this new working class: women in homespun garments board trains, poor children dry machine-made clothes on cacti, and shawl-wrapped peasants carry daily newspapers. These beautifully printed images shed visionary light on modern Mexico City." Hardcover (October 1997) 141 pages. W.W. Norton & Company.

In the Street: Chalk Drawings and Messages, New York City, 1938-1948 by Helen Levitt (Photographer), Robert Cole (contributor), Alexander Harris (Photographer). Fascinated with children's street drawings and messages, Levitt created these photographs between 1938 and 1948, many of which have never been published before. Hardcover (May 1987) 105 pages. Duke Univ Pr (Trd).

Various Photographers

Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue by Eugene Richards (Photographer), Edward Barnes. Paperback Reissue edition (September 1996). Aperture

The Knife and Gun Club : Scenes from an Emergency Room by Eugene Richards (Photographer), Paperback (November 1995) Atlantic Monthly Press.

The New York School : Photographs, 1936-1963 by Jane Livingston, Ted Croner (Photographer), Diane Arbus (Photographer) , Hardcover - 404 pages (November 1992) Stewart Tabori & Chang.

Humanity and Inhumanity : The Photographic Journey of George Rodger by Bruce Bernard, George Rodger (Photographer), Henri Cartier-Bresson. Paperback - 320 pages (October 1999) Phaidon Press Inc.

How I Learned Not to Be a Photojournalist by Dianne Hagaman. Paperback - 149 pages (May 1996) Univ Pr of Kentucky.

Dark Odyssey Murray Sayle (Introduction), Philip Jones, Philip J. Griffiths (Photographer). Hardcover - 191 pages (November 1996) Aperture.

Sleeping With Ghosts : A Life's Work in Photography by Don McCullin (Photographer), Mark Haworth-Booth (Introduction), Donald McCullin.Hardcover - 208 pages (May 1996) Aperture.

Truth Needs No Ally : Inside Photojournalism by Howard Chapnick.Paperback - 369 pages (July 1994) University of Missouri Press.

Slightly Out of Focus by Robert Capa, Richard Whelan (Introduction), Cornell Capa. Hardcover - 240 pages 1999 moder edition (September 1999)

Magnum Landscape by Ian Jeffrey . Hardcover - 184 pages (March 1997) Phaidon Press Inc.

Lee Friedlander : Self Portraits by Lee Friedlander, John Szarkowski. Paperback - 96 pages (April 1998) Distributed Art Publishers.

Chaos by Josef Koudelka, Robert Delpire, Bernard Noel (Introduction). Hardcover - 112 pages (January 2000) Phaidon Press Inc.

Land of the Free : What Makes Americans Different by David Graham (Photographer), Andrei Codrescu (Commentary). Hardcover - 96 pages (September 1999) Aperture

City Stills by Ray K. Metzker (Photographer), Laurence Miller (Introduction) . Hardcover - 108 pages (June 1999) International Book Import Service, Inc. " This is a fantastic collection of street photography by an often overlooked photographer. Metzer's photographs are brilliant scenes of bright light and deep shadow. The deep chiaroscuro of film noir cinematography is the first thing that comes to mind. His juxapositions of shadows, buildings and people are simply beautiful, and at the same time very lonely. "

Fuck You Heroes : Glen E. Friedman Photographs, 1976-1991 by Glen E. Friedman, Henry Rollins, C. R. Stecyk. Hardcover (September 1994) Burning Flags Press. "This is an essential work for anyone that grew up on punk rock, skateboarding, and in general displays a counter culture attitude that just says what else "&*^% you"."

Subway Art by Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant. Paperback (September 1989) Henry Holt (Paper)

Walker Evans : Signs (Getty Trust Publications, J. Paul Getty Museum) by Walker Evans, Andrei Codrescu, J. Paul Getty Museum, Andrei Condrescu. Hardcover - 96 pages (October 1998) J Paul Getty Museum Publications

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