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Doria Mueller-Beilschmidt Photographs
Doria Mueller-Beilschmidt:
Selections from three series


Dolores Bermak Photographs
Dolores Bermak:

Nakazato LaFreniere Memory Series Photograph
Nakazato LaFreniere
Memory Series

Nakazato LaFreniere
Masks in Natural Places
movies but no popcorn-shorts
imaginari photographic gallery
dimensional alternatives

Imaginari Photographic Arts Collaborative: Current Show: Locus Focus, a juxtaposition of minds. Photographs by Thomas Lavin, Dolores Bermak, Larry Wolfley, and Maren Nakazato LaFreniere.

Movies but no popcorn: short films

The Eclectic Bookstore: Surrealism, photography.

Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo & Other Surrealists including a few modern photographers: Michiko Kon, Ana Mendieta, and Francesca Woodman: Links to Galleries, Bios, and articles plus a bibliography on them.

Links: Surrealist Exhibit, Surrealism/Transrealism, Transrealism definitions,

Dimensional Alternatives: Dimensional Alternatives, a patron of the arts and humanities, is dedicated to the creation, cultivation and promotion of emerging artists and writers in the 21st century. Artists: Hien Nguyen (painter), K.C. Ho (painter), Svea Lin Rodgers (photographer), Marlon ingram Sagana (painter), Maren Nakazato LaFreniere (photographer/digital artist)

The Underhill Artist Collective: Richard Jue (painter), Victoria Staller (photographer), Jason Britton (sculptor), Lorena Proia (jeweler), Maren Nakazato LaFreniere (photographer/digital artist)

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